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When I wrote that this would be an introduction, that’s exactly what I meant. I’ve given barely a spit in the ocean’s worth of knowledge about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What I’ve covered here is very basic but it was meant to be.

If all this sounds like a fairy tale made up by those seeking to fleece the gullible, then I suspect you have your mind made up and no amount of persuasion will affect you. Those who think as I do will wish you well as you go on your way, and invite you to come again if the urge over takes you. 

However, if you’ve heard some things that sound like they may have far deeper implications, then you might want to consider reading the Book of Mormon with an open mind with the idea that there may just be something to it. That’s the first step. Once that’s under your belt, the discoveries will be vast. There are many who will help you find answers but the number one teacher with whom you need to establish a relationship is Jesus Christ. If you already have a relationship with Him, (actually, we all do) then talk to Him. 

Don’t give the slightest thought to the language you use. Some use the more formal “thee” and “thou” approach but that is optional. The Lord will understand your heart and that’s what’s important. Praying to God is easy. Just talk to Him. Be grateful. Be as humble as you know how. Ask Him to provide the knowledge you seek. And, most of all, tell Him that you want to know He exists, what’s He’s like, and what He wants you to do.

God is not sitting on top of a mountain waiting for you to goof up so He can throw lightening bolts at you. He is right there, next to you, waiting for you to say, “Hi. Are you there? I have some questions…”

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