The Vote and Summary: LDS Curious Post 5

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After some deliberation, we all voted. A third voted against the plan and followed Lucifer as he was cast out of the presence of God. They follow him now. They are the source of our temptation as they work to foil our experience here. We came to earth to gain a mortal body to see what we would do with choice and accountability. Would we listen to the Spirit and choose wisely?

Since those who followed Lucifer were denied a mortal life and, therefore, mortal bodies, they are forever jealous of us because we have them. They will do anything to watch us fail and then laugh at our misery. They love when we abuse our bodies and abuse each other causing more misery for us and laughter for them.

Answer #1

That, in a nutshell, answers the question regarding our whereabouts prior to this life, from an LDS viewpoint. We had a life. We grew and progressed until we had learned all we could. That's where we've been and where the unborn are now. Then we came here to continue the process.

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