Another Plan and A Volunteer: LDS Curious Post 4

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As we all stood around wondering who might step in to perform such an extraordinary achievement someone stepped up and spoke. He said he would volunteer to go but he said he had his own plan that he liked better. His plan would not give us any choice in what we did.

We would always do the right thing because we would never be given the choice to do wrong. As such none of us would sin and all would be allowed to return to the presence of God. In return for administering his plan, this volunteer would take as payment, all the glory that God had and assume all God's authority. We knew this volunteer as Lucifer.He was selfish, power hungry, and lazy.He wanted to be a Heavenly Father without any effort at learning how.

The Chosen Volunteer

Then another volunteer stepped forward. Difficult as it might be and although many would choose evil over good and be lost, this volunteer accepted Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness without exception. He said we would come to the earth in the midst of its history as a mortal baby in that same process everyone else would endure.

He volunteered to teach those who would listen and accept all the wrath that the world had to offer. He knew His choice would consist of enormous pain and anguish including somehow experiencing the punishment for all the sins of all who had ever lived. He would gain by this punishment a clear and total understanding of our suffering and so embody the answer enabling Him to comfort us, heal us, and lead us back if we followed his will and Spiritual promptings.

We would never be able to say, "You don't understand," because He would personally experience the consequences of every choice we made and every lonely moment of anguish and despair. And He promised to be there for us if we sincerely sought after Him.

He volunteered to do this for one reason only: His great love for us. That was it. He gave all the glory (credit) for everything accomplished during the Plan, to Heavenly Father. We knew this volunteer as Jehovah. We know Him now as Jesus Christ.

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